Feel like the senior in your life has slowly lost their way into a daily routine? It’s certainly common for elderly people to fall into routines that eventually dull their energy and adversely affect their physical and mental well-being. But the good news is you can incorporate an array of enjoyable activities to boost the overall quality of life.

There’s a myriad of ideas that cater to a range of physical and mental capacities, so it’s possible to get your elderly loved ones involved in the most diverse ways feasible.

Explore this list of activities that stimulate your mind you can use as you see fit to help your loved ones who are aging become more involved in their personal life.


A tried and true method by the assisted living in Newport Beachlet their creative energy be a part of their craft activities. Invite them to draw with acrylics or watercolors, draw and sketch (with any pencils or markers to chalk or crayons) knit basic or more complex patterns, design jewelry, make pottery, or participate in any activity that allows them to express their artistic side. Many older adults value having time and space to explore their creativity. It’s also a good way to connect with others in a group environment. Your loved one might be tempted to wear, present or sell their artwork.

Reading & Writing

If someone who is in your life likes magazines, books, or other reading materials, be certain to make these resources available frequently. The activity can be conducted individually, between the two of you, or as a group. Do they like discussing the books they’ve read recently in a book club? It’s a fantastic opportunity to share their opinions as well as interact socially. Maybe they are drawn to writing themselves and telling their stories. If that’s the case it’s a good idea to encourage them to compose some writing of their own. Writing short articles, family history poems, autobiography novels, how-to’s…the sky’s the limit! Writing keeps the mind alert and the creative side awake. Writing can also help develop a development of a deeper sense of motivation and passion.

Walking & Exercising

Help your loved one who is elderly keep their endorphins flowing by encouraging them to participate in an exercise routine. Walk with them in their neighborhood, encourage them to join a gym, or take them to a swimming class. Think about opportunities for organized fitness classes like classes in senior fitness, yoga, or other heart-pumping and strength-building options. If they’re finding it difficult to leave their home think about setting up workout videos that they can participate in on the television or via a computer.


For a parent or loved one who loves to be outdoors gardening is a good choice. Even if they don’t have the physical strength and agility to do more advanced gardening tasks, they can still do the basics like raking, the placement of seeds, and watering. It is possible to tend anything from flowers and shrubs to plants, fruits, and vegetables. This exercise stimulates the senses and provides the seniors in your lives a chance to enjoy some crucial Vitamin D. In the case of more physically able senior citizens, there’s an added advantage of exercise in tasks like gardening, weeding, or digging. The fruits of their labor will appear in full bloom and provide more enjoyment.

Higher Learning

Are they an academic type? Consider allowing them to take part in regular lectures or continuing education classes. This is an excellent method to ensure that your brain is alert and to keep them interested. Some senior living communities and community centers in the area offer the same kinds of educational opportunities. Check out the offerings at nearby community colleges. There are a variety of choices to benefit from the academic and cultural offerings for seniors.