Are you curious about whether silk can assist you in getting better sleep as well as how your diet may affect your tiredness, and in what way Feng Shui can put your mind at ease; keep reading our blog in the coming weeks. We’ll have a selection of experts offering advice on how you can minimize disruption to your sleep routine and help you de-stress so you can enjoy the most peaceful night’s rest you can. This week we’re discussing the health benefits we get from the silk products we offer. Whatever it is, whether it’s washable silk bedding, cushions, or clothing for your night, there are multiple advantages to investing in silk.


Silk always feels great against your skin, but experts have evidence that suggests it can also help stop aging. The fabric contains a natural protein, along with a range of important amino acids. Researchers have found that amino acids can make wrinkles appear less saggy as the nervous system is relaxed. Silk also contains chemical albumen, which enhances the skin’s metabolism and helps skin cells are able to grow and repair.

It isn’t able to absorb moisture also, which is a good thing when applying facial creams before bed. So, while cotton pillowcases might absorb some of the lotions, pillowcases made of silk guarantee that it’s absorbed as you go to sleep. The material is also particularly beneficial for people with skin problems like eczema. Other bedding materials could cause skin irritations such as acne overnight, as they cause the skin to heat up, which can cause the skin to lose precious moisture. Silk, however, is soft and smooth. It allows your body to retain moisture so that you are less susceptible to you developing dry skin and itchy overnight.


Silk pillowcases provide considerable advantages for the health and well-being of hair. Although silk doesn’t hold liquids, its moisture-wicking characteristics help move the grease and excess moisture away from your skin. It also ensures that your hair remains dry and lacking in grease after a while. The smoothness of the material helps reduce the thinning of hair, which can cause possible split ends. Cotton can cause some friction between you and the pillows, which may result in frazzled, damaged hair. The material’s anti-static qualities also prevent your hair from knotting.


Silk’s properties as a natural material and its double-stranded fibers resemble human hair. This is why silk is designed to keep the body’s temperature at a comfortable level. Silk creates a breathable and insulating barrier between your body and the surrounding temperature, that can help keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.